About Me

About Me:

My name is Kaylyn, and I’m really not that great at describing myself, but here are a few things about me: I’m a twenty-something who hopes to end up doing Christian ministry of some sort. I’m an alumni of Liberty University in the School of Divinity. I completed my undergrad there with a B.S. in Religious Studies: Theology and Apologetics and minored in Biblical Studies. I’m currently working on my Master of Divinity. Ultimately, I wish to teach theology at the collegiate level; which would require a Ph.D., so I’m a little ways off from that goal.

I spend much of my time and energy in social justice advocacy; especially women’s rights advocacy. I’m an egalitarian and feminist who wants to see women rise up and fulfill their God-given callings in ministry and all positions of church leadership. I actively advocate for gender equality in the church. Aside from in the church, I advocate for women’s equality in the home, workforce, and within society as a whole. I know that God has uniquely and beautifully designed and gifted each of us, and I pray for us all as we follow our arrows and pursue our purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Though I’m currently a residential student at Liberty U, I’m originally a North Carolina girl, and the Charlotte area will always be my home. I LOVE me some football, and I’m an avid Carolina Panthers fan (#KeepPounding). I have two fur babies—dogs—named Lucy and Bentley. I’m an introvert who swings between getting out for an adventure and lazy days in.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, connect with me on social media, and, of course, follow the blog!


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